This is where I grew up and became a child again. ~Pamela

Growing up as a child in Nova Scotia, Canada I explored my outdoor surrounding with curiosity and awe. In my mind, the forest was my home and playground; I would make frogs and worms a home out of sand, chew sap from trees and pretend it was gum and look for berries or anything edible to eat in the woods. I don’t remember feeling fear, just happiness and excitement looking expectantly for my next discovery.

I lost many of those childhood feelings as the day-to-day responsibilities of adult life clouded my thinking and awareness of the beauty that surrounded me. Moving to Alabama gave me the opportunity to look at things in a fresh new way. Now through the lens of my camera I capture the beauty of Creation but more importantly the rediscovery of my innocence. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to connect to those feelings of my childhood once again, to create memories and explore my surroundings with my camera as my means of sharing with you the extravagance and splendor of Creation.

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Juvenile Egret Herons
Creatures Timberland and Rocks Water
The Quiet Pink Phlox  
Swamps & Wetlands Wildflowers